What to Do During a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies should never be thought of as petty issues as the infection does not eventually disappear on its own. These “I don’t feel any pain anymore” infections usually indicate the infections have already been necrotized. You require emergency dentistry to save yourself from potential dental related consequences.

There are emergencies, where you can wait past the weekend with proper antibiotic medication. However, some emergencies would need immediate attention even during the weekend – that is when you need an emergency dentist on Saturday or Sunday. We are the weekend dental warriors. Stop postponing to treat the cause of the infection, get your treatment done as soon as possible before there is no tooth structure left to be saved!

Types of Dental Emergencies

 Cracked Tooth (Craze line)

Think of craze line as what you see after a little rock hits your car windshield. It starts off small, and barely unnoticeable and the craze line will spread further randomly. The windshield will eventually shatter under the same harsh environment if not repaired properly. Use warm water to clean the area. In case of swelling, use cold compress against your face. Visit the dentist as soon as you can since a partial cracked tooth can still be maintained with early intervention.

Broken/Fractured Tooth

A cracked tooth can sometimes be the reason behind broken tooth. A fractured tooth is equivalent to the severely shattered windshield that at any moment of time it can collapse onto the driver seat. A fractured tooth is unpredictable as the fracture lines could end at some undesirable area. Infection can congregate inside the bone around the tooth with or without the pain. Immediate attention should be taken if you see a reddish pulp (nerve space) and bleeding gum as a result of it by all means necessary, even visiting the emergency dentist on Sunday.


Toothaches can be excruciating. Make sure there are no foreign objects stuck in between your teeth or inside your gums. Utilize cold compression to bring down any swelling if needed. If the pain doesn’t subside, then you should give us a call.

Few Tips On Dental Emergencies

You can always bring things under control with prompt action and precautionary measures. There are a few tips that help you control the situation until you reach the dentist.

Take Deep Breaths

Take a deep breath. You are not alone. We are here to help you.

Wearing the “doctor’s hat”

Using a mirror to assess the situation is okay. Self-diagnosing and over stressing yourself certainly doesn’t help. Let us help you if you suspect any broken teeth, infections or cavities. Infections are manageable if caught early. When nothing works, call TORC!