Meet Dr. Subea Hijazi

Our Treatment Philosophy at TORC Dental

Subea Hijazi DMD, Dripping Springs, TX DentistDr. Subea Hijazi has had a passion for biology and helping others since he was in high school. You could say he’s following the family business as his sister completed a post graduate program in Endodontics, and his other sister graduated from a top-rated dental college. This really gave him a wide view of the industry, and lead to the opportunities that would lie ahead. Dr. Subea Hijazi graduated 2nd in his class, obtaining a DDS in 2003 from Albaath University.

This was just the beginning of a long and very enthusiastic scholastic journey, particularly for oral and maxillofacial surgery which led to a higher education specialty program at Damascus University. His hunger for knowledge and research in general dentistry, oral surgery, and TMD (temporomandibular disorders) pushed him even further to contribute directly to the field. Each educational contribution varied, ranging from clinical, radiographical, and theoretical work that resulted in two international master’s degrees in 2009. Traveling abroad and helping people from different cultures taught him the gravity of qualities such as patience, communication, and taking the time to truly empathize with each patient. When not pursuing dreams in dentistry, most of his free time is filled with sports, reading, traveling, and volunteering. He participates in as many community events as his schedule will allow, differing from helping the environment, and even going so far as to assist on a global scale in the recent events in Syria. Combined, each of these experiences remind him of the gravity of something so simple…a smile. Few understand how something so simple, can make such an impact on others. Dr. Hijazi possesses extensive experience in many advanced dental techniques, including dental implants, cosmetic treatments, root canal therapy, complex extractions, full-mouth rehabilitation, and more. He continually participates in continuing education courses to keep his knowledge up-to-date.