Custom Nightguards in Dripping Springs, TX

Nightguards Dripping Springs, TXDo you ever notice your jaw is sore in the morning? Do you frequently awaken with a headache? Are your teeth suffering from excessive wear? You may be experiencing bruxism.

Bruxism is the term for teeth grinding while you sleep. This unconscious habit can have serious health consequences including teeth wear, headaches, cracked teeth, and even severe problems with your TMJ (jaw). Fortunately, there is a way to protect against the effects of bruxism.

Dr. Hijazi can fabricate a custom nightguard for you at TORC Dental. Tailored to your unique oral anatomy, your appliance will fit comfortably in your mouth and absorb the pressure of teeth grinding as you sleep. Simply take the nightguard out in the morning and care for your teeth like normal.

Don’t leave bruxism untreated. Schedule your appointment for a custom nightguard today by calling us at TORC Dental.