Dental Implants 101: The Types & Factors for Choosing Dental Implants

Dental implants have gained its popularity in the past couple years. A combination of varying factors such as periodontal disease, tooth decay or an injury can cause teeth loss. In the past, individuals only had two to three treatment options: dentures or bridges (three option was “deal with it”). With dentistry making progress and innovating each day, dental implants have become the go-to for individuals who miss one or some of their teeth.

A dental implant is a surgical fixture that is placed into the bone and allowed them to fuse together over the course of a time. It is one of the best solutions for restoring the functionality and the esthetic value of your teeth.

The Types of Dental Implants Available In Austin

A dental implant can come in a variety of varying heights, sizes and types. However, there are various factors involved in choosing a dental implant that is suitable for your given scenario, as they can be used for any sort of tooth loss and can easily be customized to fit anywhere the need arises.

  • Subperiosteal

Implants are placed under the gum but on top of the bone. This type of an implant is typically for patients who have existing periodontal problem.

  • Endosteal

Implant are placed in the bone. Made out of titanium (biocompatible) and are shaped like small screws. They are the most common type of dental implants.

Surgical Interventions for Dental Implants

If your bone is unable to support dental implants, then a variety of techniques can be utilized to rebuild the bone, provide a solid foundation for implant-supported teeth. These procedures are inclusive of the following:

  • Bone Grafting: This procedure is involved with restoring bone when it isn’t enough to support implants. Through bone grafting, the strength of the bone amount can be added. The more good quality bone structure available, the better the prognosis of the implants.

We have extensive expertise and experience in implant dentistry procedures. In the most recent study, dental implants have a success rate of up to 85% on the top teeth and 80% on the lower teeth, given that you maintain good oral hygiene and regularly visit a dental clinic.

Opting to undergo dental implants, you can benefit from the following:

  • Enhanced Appearance: Dental implants feel and look like your own natural teeth.
  • Enhanced Speech: It is hard to say the “sh”, “th”, “s” and “f” if you are losing a front tooth, am I right?. Having dental implants eliminate that problem.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Using removable dentures involves a high degree of discomfort. A couple implant can stabilized the dentures allowing you to bite into an apple without cutting them in small little pieces.