Scaling and Root Planing

Deep Cleanings in Dripping Springs, TX

Scaling and Root Planing, Deep Cleaning Dripping Springs, TXAccumulation of hard deposits on your teeth, known as calculus or tartar, is a natural process. If not removed regularly, calculus becomes embedded beneath your gums, causing inflammation and eventual bone loss. During routine cleanings, the team at TORC Dental removes deposits found above or slightly below your gums with little discomfort.

When deposits reach deep below your gums, a procedure called scaling and root planing is required. To minimize discomfort, your gums are numbed so the bacterial deposits can be removed. We use special instruments to remove the deposits while gently flushing out the bacteria.

After complete removal of deposits, the gums tighten up around your teeth so that future cleanings can be accomplished in one routine visit. If you notice your gums are bleeding, you have a sour odor to your breath, or you see swelling along your gumline, please call Dr.Hijazi’s team at (512) 607-6500 today for an appointment. Scaling and root planing may be the solution to restoring your fresh breath and healthy smile.