Cosmetic Veneers

Smile Makeovers in Dripping Springs, TX

Cosmetic Dental Veneers Dripping Springs, TXDo your teeth need some minor changes to improve their color, shape, width, or length? Veneers are the answer you have been seeking.

With only minimal preparation, Dr. Hijazi can fit your teeth with custom-designed, paper-thin veneers. Similar to high-quality false fingernails, dental veneers bond to the front of your teeth to transform yellowed, chipped, or misshapen teeth into that gleaming white smile you have always wanted.

No need for bulky bleaching trays, no need for extensive tooth preparations. Now you can have a smile that glows.

Call TORC Dental at (512) 607-6500 today for a consultation to start this simple process. Cosmetic veneers to transform your smile may be just a few dental visits away. You deserve perfect veneers to attain your perfect smile.